Life After Facebook: What Happens When You Can’t Run Ads?

Over two million new advertisers joined Facebook last year.

2. Million.

Was this what the 1849 gold rush felt like?



Unfortunately, we know when demand goes up, supply goes down. And supply for Facebook in this scenario is available ad placement, which is barreling towards maximum capacity.


How much have your ad prices risen?

Mind you. the current advertisers only make up 8% of the 65 million other businesses that are live on the platform. Meaning… we’re not gonna see much slowdown in advertiser growth, especially for the companies that can afford to so.

MarketWatch recently pushed out the following:

β€œThe stock losses swung to gains after Chief Financial Officer David Wehner, in prepared remarks on a post-earnings conference call, said that the average price per Facebook ad increased by 43% as the total number of impressions β€” pages loaded with ads served by Facebook β€” gained 4% last quarter.”


Let that sink in kiddos.


Soon, it will cost you double to reach the same amount of people you are reaching now.

How much wiggle room do you have in your ad budget? How soon until Facebook costs triple, quadruples, or worse?

This real stinker is there are only two ways you can fight to stay competitive in your niche:

  • Jack up your budget
  • Hone in on your audiences more relevant targeting

Easier said than done, right?

Right about now is when we should all be thinking of life after being able to afford, to run ads, on Facebook.