Comparing networks: Best for your business, AdWords or Facebook?

Hmm, let’s look at a few popular perceptions before answering that:

Many Facebook users consider AdWords old-school and offering little value. While AdWords users are not ready to buy into Facebook as they don’t feel they can measure returns effectively.

Okay, let’s go try a stat instead…

Half of the worldwide ad revenue will be generated through Facebook and AdWords.

Well, that doesn’t help us either.


So, let me get to the point. If you want your business to make a profit or grow exponentially, you must learn to take a multi-channel approach to your digital advertising. Meaning, it is not about AdWords or Facebook. Pssst, instead you should…

Use AdWords and Facebook together

They actually compliment each other and when combined can drive amazing results for your ROI.

Case in point, the traditional marketing has gone kaput. Nobody buys in a straight line, nobody. And you know it because you don’t either. Think about the path you took on a recent purchase.

For example, I like Chubbies!

The shorts company? Sky’s out thighs out? Well, check ‘em out on our time.

So, I just got my first couple pairs in the mail a few weeks ago and I love ‘em. However, 6 months ago I had never heard of them. One day they popped up in my Facebook feed as a friend had “liked” them.


A few days later I see a suggested video on youtube. The image was total 80’s homage and hilarious, so I bit and clicked. The promo video was hilarious, I chuckled and moved on. Days later, I see a Chubbies display ad, so I clicked it.


I poked around a bit, gave ‘em my email, added a few things to cart but ended leaving the site. Now there in my inbox and all over facebook. This goes on for some time and then I start thinking spring. So I tap a Facebook ad and browse again.


Next thing you know, I have got a pretty nice discount from them in my inbox.


I buy. You get it, and you know you buy the same way. So, ask yourself, why the hell would you limit your advertising to a single platform?

You need to combine your strategies so you can make more money

1. Begin with Facebook Dynamic ads, (Pixel + Product Feed Required)

As your site gets new visitors from your Facebook prospecting, you can retarget them with ads featuring your products or offer they might have left in an abandoned cart.

2. Make your Facebook Audience Targeting smarter by using your AdWords Data

By leveraging your data across platforms you will be able to target ads more effectively and even reach new audiences. Pending your niche, these are good data points to start with:

  • Aggregate times of the week
  • Gender
  • Household income

This approach offers much less risk when building your Facebook affinity audiences as you are taking the guesswork out. Now, your brand will be front and center to consumers you would have otherwise missed.

3. Create demand on Facebook by using Google non-branded queries

You’ll want to take your top-performing non-branded terms from Google and use them to build Facebook audiences. As you gather more and more data Facebook will be able to connect the dots aka the terms that are converting. Over time you’ll get a more accurate view of customer lifetime value of consumers coming from a non-branded term. It won’t happen overnight but work for it, and it will happen over time.

4. Use Google to retarget Facebook referrals

So in AdWords, we build a remarketing list for search ads (RLSA) audience of everyone who landed on our site from a Facebook ad and targets them low in the funnel back on Google. This is key for capturing past buyers.

When you get Facebook and AdWords working together, it is like turning your business into a super business.


Ready to take your game to the next level?

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