Inside The Google Suite of Products: Youtube Just Got Sexier!



In the past three to six months, Google has come out with a ton of new technology. It is all based on their algorithm and letting their it do more work for you.

Let’s back up for a sec.

So first Google came out with custom audiences or custom intent audiences, which allows you to target people based on sites they’ve been to or keywords they’ve searched.

This was originally on display and has now moved into YouTube.

So now, you can not only target by specific keywords, videos, specific channels, specific videos in-market audiences, similar audience…


But now you have these custom intent audiences, which really allow you to further refine the people you’re targeting, based on the queries that they’ve searched.

Then you can also layer in additional targeting, which is all super cool.

Want even cooler?

In YouTube, they’ve just rolled out Target CPA, which basically you just telling them, “This is how much I’m willing to pay to acquire a customer”, and they’re going to do the best they can to meet that goal.

So they have this in display and shopping, but now it’s in YouTube as well.

Meaning you can build out sequenced targeted campaigns. Sequenced meaning, you lead with a big idea video to a broad audience. Say it’s custom intent to a few million, or similar audience. It’s that few million people that you want to get in front of.

Then you sequence them.

If you’ve viewed video 1, which again are 30-second views, not three-second views like Facebook, show them video 2.

If you’ve watched video 2, show them video 3.

You can do these with a target CPA. So you’re going to say, “Listen, I’m willing to pay 20 dollars per conversion, per acquisition here.” From there, you’re able to let Google really do the hard work for you.


The beauty of Google products…

The platform is way more stable compared to Facebook.

Facebook is like a crack house to advertising junkies, because while they hate the changes every day, they also love it, because they need to go back in and change things.

But people are just getting sick of the volatility of the platform. Google basically allows you to reach more people. They’re improving their targeting so it’s very close to Facebook. 

And now, they’re allowing you to set target CPAs.

Just think, if you can have YouTube and GDN spending whatever your budget is. Say you want to spend 5,000 dollars a day and you know that within some standard deviation, you’re going to get leads for right around your target lead cost, why wouldn’t anybody want to do that?

They don’t have to wake up in a panic and check their account and see what happened. It’s just stable and it’s constantly improving, which is another piece of the puzzle.

You see since it’s a machine learning algorithm, it constantly gets better. I recently read this article on agency (X) and how they would beat the Google algorithm about 80% of the time. But over time, it’s gotten much better and so now, they are on the losing end of that it.

So as his algorithm continues to learn, it is just only going to get better exponentially, and it takes a lot of the onus off of the advertiser.

I think one of the best parts about YouTube is that what’s been super common on Facebook is to send out a video to a large, few million people audience, and then retarget those people who have watched X percent.

Some folks call this phishing or carpet bombing. Whatever the hell you want to call it, you can do the same thing on YouTube now, and you can layer in intent.

So if I wanted to show my ad in front of anybody who’s watching a video that includes the keywords, Facebook and Shopify. Then you can just retarget them in a sequence, and really cast that wide net and then continually refine your buckets on the way down.

It’s gonna be a…


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