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What Happens To Your Ads When Facebook Goes To Washington?

Today Mr. Zuckerberg is before Congress. The outcome will undoubtedly be affecting a lot of advertisers who use the Facebook ad platform.



But before we have a knee-jerk reaction to anything, I’d like to politely suggest that advertisers need to stop complaining and stop bitching and start to adapt and grow.

This is nothing new with Facebook. Facebook fortunately or unfortunately has changes for advertisers all the time. And as we’ve seen for the past two years, costs have been rising steadily, and now all of a sudden, we have this max ad load, and CPAs are up 43%.

You have their CTO and everybody telling you that they’re at max ad load, and now advertisers want to complain and cry that the sky is falling.

It is like the frog in the water scenario, and then it starts to slowly boil… it’s too late and the frog’s dead.

Very bad analogy, I know.

But, advertisers should have seen this coming for the last year or two, and they really just need to start to diversify their traffic and use Facebook in some different ways.

There are a number of different things that they can do. And they better hurry. I think it’s only going to get worse, especially as Zuckerberg’s at Congress today.

I think the slap that Google did 2006 through 2009 is going to be nothing compared to what we’re going to see here with Facebook.

That slap being the old 80/20. Meaning, Google realized 80% of its ad revenue was coming from only 20% of the users. So they simply jacked that prices up and screwed over 80% of its advertisers, leaving 20% of the fat cats who could afford the overnight price hikes.

So, a lot of things are going to be limited in the near term for advertisers because of the allegations that Facebook is facing.

No way around it, so I think we’re in for a pretty rude awakening as marketers and especially for companies who foolishly built their business on Facebook, alone.

This Is Why You Must Diversify Your Advertising

Just look at the whole landscape of digital advertising … last year online surpassed offline media.

We’re talking about a $200 plus billion pie. Most people don’t realize Facebook is literally only an 8% slice of that $200 billion pie.

You need to understand that 92% of that $200 billion is being spent on other networks outside of Facebook. Which means you have crazy options out there!

Just look at Google and their suite of products. Sure, Facebook has kind of taken over in these past few years. But Google is roaring back is constantly upping their game.

YouTube is super, super attractive right now with the targeting options that they have, as well as the reach.

They’re the second largest search engine in the world.

And you can actually get video views for cheaper than you can on Facebook, so you should definitely look there. You can also use those as seed audiences to retarget in Google Display and Search.

So 100%,  you should do that now.

Sure, the Google Display Network is a tough nut to crack for a lot of companies, but I think the time spent is well, well worth it.

It is a channel with massive scale, as well as stability. You can use your target CPA options in Google Display Network and really put your campaigns on autopilot and let Google do the work, and the reach is massive.

Now if your business is specifically eCommerce, then it is Google Shopping you.

It’s something we do really well with. A recent potential client told us that they find a lot of agencies won’t even touch Shopping. They were scared by the number of SKUs they’d need to manage online.  

Truth is, I want to say that they are complex, but they’re really not that complex.

Shopping as a platform is extremely powerful. You get really, really high intent searches for your product. Now it’s getting competitive, depending on which niches you’re in, but it converts great on mobile.

It lends to a really user-friendly shopping experience. And so if you’re an eCommerce company and you’re not using Google Shopping, I think that’s kind of a big area that you need to focus on here, especially as Facebook gets tougher and tougher for eCommerce companies.

There are still a whole lot of other networks out there for you to discover, and we encourage that you do.

You want to diversify your advertising and not be sitting at home glued to the internet, wondering what’s happening today in Congress for Facebook.

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